Sedaa's Services at a Glance

Managed Services

Sedaa develops and delivers total solutions as managed services projects based on fixed-bid contracts built around your schedule and required deliverables.


We manage the consulting resources to ensure your needs are met.


When needed, Sedaa accesses off-shore resources to support our managed services projects.


Some of our recent projects have included:


SW Applications

Development &



Change Adoption Projects:

-Technology & system change

- Strategy development

- Restructuring/reorganization

- Merger integration

- Culture change

- Transition to a flexible work




Talent Sourcing Solutions

Sedaa is the perfect solution to all of your talent sourcing needs. We find candidates for both permanent and temporary positions with expertise in the following areas:


Learn more about filling temporary positions.


Learn more about filling permanent positions.



Workshops & Training

Sedaa provides customized learning solutions that  range from needs assessment and planning to design, development, piloting, delivery and evaluation of both e-learning and traditional classroom courses.  We offer both technical and soft skills training.  


Among our most popular workshops, which can be customized to your needs, are the following:


Sedaa's Change Management Series


Making it Count: Metrics for the Real World


Project Launch and Acceleration


The Power of Networking








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