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In addition to the team shown here, we leverage a large pool of senior independent consultants and contractors to support our clients.

Elham Assadi

Chief Visionary Officer


Elham graduated from Sonoma State University with a Master's degree in Organizational Development and has worked in various roles both internally and as an external consultant ever since. She knew she needed to move beyond theory and develop a practical, real-life language of OD. As she began to develop tools and methodologies, she realized she was starting to see the world the same way as others in the organization did and was starting to loose her effectivenss as an internal expert. Elham says this is like "living in the fish bowl" and believes that to be effective, OD practitioners need to have what she calls "double vision." (If you want to learn more, download her article, "Double Vision Consultancy" below.)


Elham has written and has published multiple articles and has presented in conferences such as the Organizational Development Network (ODN),

the Bay Area Organizational Development Network (BAODN), and the National Training Lab (NTL).

What's the Soup (or the Diagnosis) of the Day?
There have been many discussions regarding how OD consultants should refer to themselves in order to fairly represent the skills and values they bring to the organization. The field of organizational development involves a mixture of different types of work, and many consultants seem to be becoming confused about what they should call themselves.
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What is Double Vision Consultancy?
Imagine that an organization’s environment is a fish bowl. From inside that fish bowl, you have only the internal perception of the environment around you. To get a complete perspective of organizational reality, you need to step outside the fish bowl and take another look. Whether you are an internal or external member of the Organizational Development (OD) community, your role is to provide an opportunity for your client to see outside the fishbowl.
What is Double Vision Consultancy Publis[...]
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From the Flintstones to the Jetsons
I’m sure many of us remember the Jetsons and the Flintstones, two prime-time animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera in the 60s. While the Flintstones lived in a world with machines powered by birds and dinosaurs, the Jetsons lived in a futuristic utopia of elaborate robotic contraptions, aliens, holograms, and whimsical inventions. In the 60s, many of the ideas conveyed in the Jetsons seemed too far-fetched to ever become a reality.
From the Flintstones to the Jetsons Publ[...]
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Daryoush Langari

Chief Operating Officer


Daryoush graduated from Oklahoma State University as an electrical engineer with a minor in computer science. He worked at SprintPCS, MCI Worldcom, Cellular One and QWest before joining Sedaa. He is responsible for sales and business development,and leads all finance functions.





Monique Jordan

Project and Client Relationship Manager 

Monique has worked with Sedaa in the past as a Senior Organizational
Development Consultant with our PGE client and is now taking on the role of
"Project and Client Relationship Partner". She is an accomplished
organizational development professional with a proven record of leading
transformational change initiatives and increasing leadership efficacy.
Experienced in applying social Neuroscience to improve leadership and team
performance Skilled presenter with global experience. She likes to be
provocative - help people to see what they don't see in a manner that both
enables and inspires them into action. She's led several transformational
changes as a business leader and OD Consultant. She's also raised 3 great
people and, has learned a lot about what makes people tick and how to
influence [desired] behavior. Today, as an OD Practitioner with experience
running profitable operations and the know-how to increase employee
engagement, she is on a mission to teach and support leaders in creating the
ideal conditions for organizational health and performance.


Eric Bohr

Program and Sales Project Consultant


As a Sedaa Program and Sales Project Consultant, Eric works closely with current and potential clients to identify, frame and deploy solutions to their critical business challenges - particularly in the area of Change Management.


Eric brings over 25 years of experience delivering strong results in change management and organizational development roles.  He was formerly a Change Management Program Manager at Cisco Systems for 7 years driving user adoption and developing the change management release processes for large IT projects with global impact.


Past experince includes change management and organizational development work at Apple, Adaptec, Healthcare, Public and Non-profit organizations.


Shadi Ayoughi

Lead Financial Administrator


 Shadi joined Sedaa in 2014 where she provides all our financial services, including bookkeeping, invoicing, and full-service payroll. She also onboards our consultants and provides support for HR by verifying employment, doing benefits administration and processing terminations. Shadi tracks invoices and purchase orders, and approves consultants' time and expenses. She also supports our CFO and helps him manage payables and receivables.


Shadi has 20+ years of finance experience. In her last roll, she was financial manager for a company in Iran. When she lived in Iran, Shadi was also an interior designer and still does some interior design work for friends here in the US.

Shazia Siddiqi

Head IT Technical Recruiter


Shazia sources candidates and develops her own network, designs and implements recruiting plans for the company, prepares offers for candidates, creates new hire orientation materials, and performs typical recruiter duties like interviewing candidates and screening job applicants. She also handles administration and record keeping for Sedaa's recruiting plans.  She tries to leave a positive impression with all of her candidates. She may not be able to find a position for every candidate, but she wants them to know that she is there for them–and she'd like nothing more than being able to call and say, "Congrats! You got the job."   She also works hard every day to leave a positive impression with every client she works with as well. She wants them to know that she's on their side and they can rely on her to find the right talent.   


Shazia is a Computer Science graduate with minor in Math and Statistics. She has worked in the software industry for years before changing

her field to IT recruitment and joined Sedaa in 2015. She has won awards for outstanding client relationship management.   In her spare time, 

Shazia does lots of volunteer work, loves travelling and listening to music. She has run two half-marathons and has been a badminton 

champion throughout her life.  Everyone at Sedaa loves her contagious smile!

Carolyn Wolf-Flores 

IT and Technical Recruiter


Carolyn  is the newest member of Sedaa's recruiting team.  She works directly with clients and consultants to find the right candidate for every project.  Carolyn has over 10 years of experience in client services, recruitment and sales.  She uses her background in Human Resources to build strong relationships with clients and consultants. 


Carolyn enjoys networking to discover skilled consultants, getting to know them and finding the perfect match for their talents.




Mehri Delsim

IT and Technical Recruiter


Mehri has more than 4 years experience in sourcing & recruiting for
technical and non-technical positions and as a full cycle recruiter. She is
a highly motivated & driven professional with 15 years of experience in Art
and Marketing, Commercial, New Media, and Concept of Design.




Susan Blake

Sedaa Change Management Consultant 


Susan facilitates programs, projects and change initiatives for those who choose to consciously manage and embrace change at the organizational and personal levels.

As an innovative professional with extensive experience, she combine a strong customer focus with excellent skills in needs assessment, stakeholder engagement, change management, communication, problem solving, project management, group facilitation, resource coordination, coaching, collaboration, and management - resulting in higher employee satisfaction, stronger internal teams, improved organizational effectiveness, higher customer satisfaction and retention, successful project delivery, and increased revenues. 

Dennis Wigent

Sedaa Change Management Consultant 


Dennis is a results driven change management and communications lead with a proven track record of developing effective, integrated programs, executive communications, change management organizational transformation efforts, communications strategy, video, events, large group meetings and launches.  He has worked  with Martha Stewart, Jaclyn Smith, Mario Andretti, Elmo and Big Bird.


Dennis is a media trainer and executive presentation coach.



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